Oh, here’s a nice big stand. I see people diving into
the crystals.

Hello darling, look, feel free to take pictures of everything exposed here!
Oh, thank you! Are you the owner of the stand?

No. Yes, well, no, it’s my father Mário. He points him out to me. A tall, burly man who talks, who sells.
Wow! I’ve got to say, you guys have beautiful stones here!
Yes, we bring them from Brazil, we are Brazilian like most of the exhibitors here. On their business card he proudly shows me that he bears the same name as his father.

Well, besides the gems, can I also take a picture of you? Maybe with the mineral you like best, which is worth more to you.

Do you know why I chose this one, Mário Jr asks me?

If you look closely, you see inside there’s a sort of mountain,
do you see it? This makes it very precious, I would say the most precious we have.