My friend Martina is a serious photographer. A photojournalist to be exact. For instance, she’s now working on a beautiful project on nomads.

She asks me, will you come with me to this fair of gems, stones and precious rocks? you see, I go there to check if there are nomads, I’m sure at the fair you would take plenty of beautiful pictures with your colors and irony!
Sure Martina! You know what? I’ll bring my Mamiya. I want to try to make a reportage using film because I‘ve never tried before, I bought this camera and I want to use it!

8 hours of driving and we are in Arizona. These Saguaro cactuses look so cool. It’s all like I’ve imagined, like in Willy E. Coyote so to speak. If I had a shutter release cable and some black and white films with me it would not be a bad idea to take some nocturnal photos of the desert.

We get up early and boom, there we are. An expanse of hangars crammed with giant rocks, sparkling spiky crystals, huge and perfectly round spheres that glow in the blinding sun. Shit, this Mamiya weighs like a shot gun wedding and I feel pretty awkward and uncomfortable with it. It's not exactly the kind of camera you want to use to shoot a reportage. Will I be able to make it work?

Rows of bracelets, spiritual stones, but also fancy jewels, incense, hippies, fat cats. There are some ugly faces too, yes, who knows if someone under the counter is selling more than we can see, we wonder.